Bluestem Plugged


WVA Occasional 7/94

Bluestem, Plugged, (Cassette, 17 selections)

Bluestem, the bluegrass guys that look like cowboys, have come in from the range; wiped off their boots, and made a recording of a whole passel of long time favorite songs and thrown in a couple of their own for good measure. The selections are from all kinds of genre, but all are converted very well into the bluegrass mold. And they all succeed, too.

As a bluegrass group, Bluestem is solidly acknowledged as one of the favorite in the Midwest. The Bluestem band, in concert, exercises the kind of corny humor that is found on the liner notes which point out that, among other things, Stan speaks fluent gibberish, that Jim can find no good use for cats, and that Keith wears rubber gloves. These guys love to kid around but also to make good music.

The good music is abundant on this cassette. Take for example, the Robin and Linda Williams song, "When I Hear That Whistle Blow" as contrasted with the Sam Cook song, "Build For My Jesus" followed by the Ricky Nelson classic, "Lonesome Town." The last half of the cassette is devoted to mostly cowboy type songs, "A Campfire Night," "Cowboy Jubilee," "Night Riders Lament," "Cool Water," "Cattle Call," "Tumbling Tumbleweed," and "Back in the Saddle."
What results here is very good bluegrass with the aroma of the campfire ever present.

Bluegrass fans would love this one. Music lovers of all shades would also.

Available in cassette or CD.
Red House Audio, Lawrence, KS.
Bluestem: Stan Rood, 900 Somers, Tonganoxie, KS 66086 (913 845-3359).

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