Years at Winfield: 

Bluestem: The native tallgrass that grows on the prairies of Kansas. It is also the name taken by a group of musicians from those same prairies. They combine Western, Bluegrass, Gospel Rock and humor to create a blend of unique acoustic music. Their fine western harmonies and bluegrass musicianship teamed with cowboy poetry will surprise and entertain all.

Bluestem, was the house band for "The Good Time Radio Review" (a live on National Public Radio) for many years. They have also performed at music festivals throughout the midwest, and given concerts for the past thirty years. They have performed fifteen of the last twenty two years at the Walnut Valley Festival. They are long time members of the Kansas Touring Arts program, The Kansas Bluegrass Association.

Keith Alberding (banjo, guitar and tenor) sings so high at times only dogs and other banjo players can hear. He's always thinking about banjo things. We don't ask. Jim Rood (fiddle, guitar and baritone and tenor) his fiddle playing usually makes women move away, old men spit and little children cry. Rick Marshall (guitar, baritone and tenor) spends most of his time with his horse. His horse has been complaining and wants us out on the road more. Marvin Pine (bass, spurs and recites cowboy poetry) is older than most anybody and remembers first hand the great cattle drives of the late 1870s. He is still not welcome in Abilene. Last but not least, Woody the wonder bass is the real star of the show and holds Marvin up.

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