Tina Louise Barr

Tina Louise Barr of Modesto, CA was awarded 3rd place in the 2012 competition. Tina Louise won 2nd place in 1993, 1996, 2007, and 2008. She also won 3rd place in 1998 and 2011. In 1995 and 2010 she placed as a finalist in the top five. Tina Louise appreciates the WVA for having provided a venue for the autoharp to be recognized as a professional musical instrument.

Tina Louise Barr is a main performer at autoharp festivals, and she also performs and conducts workshops at music festivals across the U.S. Tina Louise has recorded and performed as a guest artist with Michael Martin Murphey, as well as the Black Irish Band. Tina Louise enjoys a limitless variety of musical styles, and she promotes new paths with the autoharp as a mainstream instrument. Tina Louise Barr always finds a welcome in hot bluegrass jams at festivals. Tina Louise takes back to California the 3rd Place Trophy, $75 in cash, and an Oscar Schmidt OS45CE Autoharp by Oscar Schmidt/Washburn International of Mundelein, IL.