Stephen Humphries

In 2007, Stephen Humphries of Chapin, SC took first place in the National Hammer Dulcimer competition. He has placed third the last two years. With that and at the urging Mark Wade, his former instructor, Stephen decided to head back to Winfield and try for a third time. As they say, the third time was the charm for this young man. The first place trophy, $100 and a Custom Engraved Master Works Russell Cook Edition 16/16c Hammer Dulcimer by Master Works of Bennington, OK were taken back to South Carolina. Stephen is a 22-year old college senior at Presbyterian College who has been playing the hammer dulcimer for about seven and one-half years. He also plays drums and percussion. His first hammer dulcimer was given to him by his parents after they had rented one for him to learn on. Hobbies for this young man include music (of course), reading and he is the current President of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Presbyterian College all of which keep him quite busy.