Michael Stanwood

First place in the 2012 International Autoharp Championship was awarded to Michael Stanwood of Lafayette, CO. Michael is a musician and teacher by trade but is also writer and singer. In the Colorado area he is also known as a children’s performer and songwriter. In addition to the autoharp Michael also plays the guitar, didgeridoo and many other instruments. He has been playing the autoharp for some thirty plus years and it all started when an individual by the name of Steve Weincrot was talking with him and turned him on to the instrument. Besides being a musician, Michael has also been an actor. He was a contract player to Universal Studios in the 1960s and 70s. He was in such TV shows as “Mannix,” “Run For Your Life,” and “Night Gallery.” His hobbies include attending baseball games (a Colorado Rockies Fan), photography and of course, all kinds of music. Someone some time ago asked him about the Festival and he said he told them “eighty percent of the people who attend play music and seventy percent of those play better than anyone you’ve ever heard.” Michael won the 1st Place Trophy, $175 in cash and a d’Aigle Cascade Super Single Key D Autoharp by Pete Daigle of Seatac, WA.