Andrew Hatfield

2017 National Flatpicking Guitar Champion Andy Hatfield of Peoria, IL has entered this contest five times.  Here is the record for this 39-year old music teacher:  2011 National Flat Pick Champion, and placed in 2010.  In 2013 he was the National Mandolin Champion and he placed in the mandolin contest in 2011 and 2012

In addition to the guitar and mandolin Andy also plays the banjo.  He loves the contests and all the jamming that takes place at the Festival.  Biking is his favorite pastime.  Andy takes back to IL the 1st Place Trophy, a check for $3,000 and a Martin D-41 Custom Guitar by C.F. Martin and Company of Nazareth, PA.

Andrew is a private music teacher from Peoria, IL. 2010 was Andrew’s first trip to Winfield and the contest. He was also a contestant in the new National Mandolin Championship. His dad bought him his first guitar, a 1956 D28. Andrew plays the mandolin, banjo, bass and some fiddle and strangely enough he says “I was a French horn major in college.” Andrew lists his hobbies as basketball and ping pong but he adds music to that list. This experience is one he won’t forget and he can’t wait to come back. Andrew takes back to Peoria, IL a Taylor 8-String Baritone GS Guitar by Taylor Guitars of El Cajon, CA.