Wild & Blue

Years at Winfield: 

You want exciting music then give a listen to group that's only ten years old. They're called Wild & Blue. The trademark of this band are its stunning duet and trio harmonies, dazzling instrumentals, creative selection of materials, and most of all its skillful arrangements.

David Harvey, founder of Wild & Blue grew up with bluegrass music. He was surrounded by the likes of such greats as Red Allen, Frank Wakefield and of course his father, Dorsey Harvey, a mandolin great. Becoming a professional at age fourteen, David added guitar to his already fantastic sounding mandolin. After winning numerous mandolin championships, David spent four years with Larry Sparks' band before forming Wild & Blue in the fall of 1988.

In addition to David Harvey (guitar and mandolin), members of the band include his wife Jan Harvey (guitar), his wife's sister, Jill Snider (bass). In the fall of 1995 David's former Lonesome Ramblers bandmate Barry Crabtree (banjo) was added to the group. A perfect blend of Jan's compelling lead vocals, David's smooth baritone, Jill's soaring tenor and Barry's talent on the banjo have made them a much requested group on the bluegrass circuit. They perhaps are "the band of the future" according to such publications as Bluegrass Unlimited and The Denver Post.

The artistry and excitement generated by this group is simply mesmerizing. Wild & Blue have one of the hottest new sounds that appeals to fans from all walks of life. Put this together with their polished professionalism and unforgettable stage shows and you've got one of the most exciting and entertaining bands in bluegrass.