Toucan Jam

Years at Winfield: 

This is the second year that a group that calls itself Toucan Jam will perform at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield. Toucan Jam is a multi-cultural show full of surprises. When viewing the show, you’ll "travel" to five continents and six countries, learning about the traditional music, dance, costumes, and legends of each region. Toucan Jam is made up of Still On The Hill members Donna Henschell and Kelly Mulhollan. When you put an "Arkansawayer" together with a "Californian" you have a unique sound and program that is uniquely "Toucan Jam." Donna Henschell hails from California and plays the fiddle. She is a songwriter who has infectious energy that literally won’t let her stand still. On the other hand, Kelly Mulhollan is a songwriter from Arkansas who blends the instruments of guitar, banjo, mandolin and harmonica with words and poems into an unclassifiable hybrid of vibrant lyric song. The performances of Toucan Jam are designed especially for kids but adults are allowed as well. The motto of this group is "It’s More Fun Than A Barrel Of Toucans!" Bring the kids and enjoy this concert that’s not only fun, but educational too.

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