Safe Harbor

Years at Winfield: 

Safe Harbor brings to the stage not only traditional Anglo-American music but folk music from all around the world ... music from all over creation! If you're in the audience, you will be treated to Peruvian panpipes, a Chinese tune, a freedom chant from Africa, and a Russian song mixed with Appalachian ballads, cowboy songs, Irish jigs and reels and contemporary music, including originals by the band members. Each member of the band sings and is an accomplished musician on numerous instruments.

Julie Davis has long been at the heart of Denver's folk music scene. She is the former director of the Swallow Hill Music School, where she teaches autoharp, flute, guitar and singing. Davis has long been known as a folk musician and over the past few years has gained recognition as a storyteller. In addition to delightful autoharp and flute playing, her guitar rhythms add fire to many traditional jigs and reels. Her storytelling and warm lead vocals are central to Safe Harbor.

Ron Jones, who also plays steel drums and accordion, has been one of the best and busiest fiddle players in Colorado both as a performer and studio musician. Ron plays Irish, cowboy, country, bluegrass, swing and Caribbean music and brings the sounds and styles of many countries to Safe Harbor. Ron studies traditional music in Ireland. In Safe Harbor, he also plays guitar and adds lead and harmony vocals.

Ed Contreras is probably the most sought after percussionist in Denver and is an active member of several locally and nationally known bands. Ed plays percussion instruments from all over the world, and he has an innate sense of what to add, and exactly when to add it. At times, he is the driving force behind a song, and at other times, he is sugar on the top! Because of his delightful presence on stage (he is alternately described as teddybearish and elven) and his extraordinary blending of percussion from many cultures, Ed is an essential part of Safe Harbor.

Paul Weidig, singer/songwriter, and hammer and mountain dulcimer, banjo, and guitar player, performs original and traditional folk music throughout the midwest and west. As a songwriter, he has added many songs to Safe Harbor's repertoire. His exceptional musicianship and love for the music come through every song, adding just the right touch. His strong vocals are an important part of Safe Harbor and Paul ALWAYS manages to get the audience to sing along.

Among them, the members of Safe Harbor have many recordings out. In addition to performing and recording, they are all teachers , passing on their passion for music through lessons, classes and workshops. The combination of the four is electric in the best sense! Don't miss a minute of their performances.

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