Years at Winfield: 

Returning to the Walnut Valley Festival, for their eighth appearance, Revival, an acapella gospel music group, brings its knock-your-socks-off-harmonies and radiant good-will back to the WVA stages again in 2012.

Revival is an a cappella music group, that continues to involve audiences with their sing-along song originals. Revival Ministries was started in 1989 by Chet and Danice Sweet of Arkansas City, Kansas. With a background in a cappella Christian music and professional experience traveling around the country, the couple strove to find others who wanted to share the good news of Jesus Christ through song, and they did. Since 1989, the group has been delighting audiences across the country with their blend of contemporary, southern gospel and traditional harmonies.

Revival consists of Chet Sweet, sound man and photographer; his wife, Danice Sweet, lead singer, songwriter and elementary art instructor; Donja Cary from Pottsboro, Texas, alto, teacher, and mother of three; Craig Hayes (Donja's brother) from Norman, Oklahoma, tenor and director of The University of Oklahoma's National Merit Scholars Program; and Terry Lewis from Choctaw, Oklahoma, bass and optometrist.

Revival has traveled from Montana to Florida, Texas to North Dakota as well as into Canada and the Ukraine. The road show features traditional and contemporary songs as well as originals like the Jamaican tune, "Whale Motel", the 50’s sounding, "Floating Zoo" and the much requested "Satan’s Been Riding Me Hard Blues" as well as the Spanish song based upon John 3:16 called, "Life Eternal". From festivals to churches, conventions to Youth Rallies, Revival shares a concert that appeals to all age groups.