Paul Goelz

Years at Winfield: 

Paul Goelz has been playing the dulcimer since 1973 (when he knew of only two other players in the entire Chicago area. He first saw a dulcimer on TV. He bought an antique and used it as his first instrument for several years. He taught himself to play (there were no teachers in 1973).

He has built five dulcimers and until recently played one that he built.

He played for over ten years with Phil Cooper and Margaret Nelson (including at Winfield several years back). Recorded with Phil and Margaret on about ten recordings, and did tracks for several other area musicians.

He's not currently in a band since his move to Michigan (where the dulcimer is the state instrument [just kidding] [well, only a little]).

He moved from Chicago to the metro Detroit area in 1997, and is having fun absorbing the dulcimer as played in Michigan.

He also plays (kind of) the cello, banjo and autoharp, as well as the Appalachian Lap Zither.


Paul has been coming to Winfield since 1981 and says: “Wouldn't miss it for anything! One of the best festivals anywhere.”