Leon Howell

Years at Winfield: 

He has lived in Winfield since 1956 and has worked for the City of Winfield for the last 35 years. He has performed his music at charity functions and benefits all over the area. In 1995 Leon performed at the local Jimmy Dean/True Value Country Showdown and won the competition that year. In 1997 he entered again and placed that year.

After hearing him, Lyman James, general manager of the local radio station KSOK helped him put together a tape which has been shipped to some of the Nashville producers as demos. Jody Laubhan, owner of a local restaurant known as the Mozy Inn hosted two Leon Howell Days where he was brought in to perform some of his music. WVA Festival organizer, Bob Redford, was in attendance at one of those sessions and that let to a contract to perform at the Walnut Valley Festival this year.

Howell has also performed in competition at Presley's Mountain Music Show in Branson, MO. Performing is one thing, but Leon's greatest joy is his song writing. Since writing his first song in 1963, he has written 116 gospel and country songs. "It must be God that causes people to work with me and use me and go with me," Howell says. "It's got to be Him. Nothing goes this far this fast without the reach of a Higher Power."

Audiences over the past years have enjoyed Leon's presentations ... and his wholesome, honest style of music. 

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