Hickory Project

Years at Winfield: 

What started as a routine experiment has turned into a revolutionary project, henceforth known as Hickory Project. The band features hard–driving traditional and original acoustic music with the expert licks of Walnut Valley Mandolin Champion Anthony Hannigan Steve Belcher, David Cavage and Dan Shipe, Coleman Smith, Mark Morris, Craig Vance and Billy Gilmore.

Hickory Project is globally acclaimed. They have captivated audiences throughout Europe, both the main land and Celtic Isles, Australia and all through the US. As musical ambassadors, Hickory Project is taking their music worldwide.

Hickory Project has now produced 1 DVD and 6 CDs under their own label, Hickory Productions. Hickory Project has captured that youthful/soul-felt hunger to please their audiences worldwide. Whether it is straight-forward traditional or a flare for the new realm in acoustic music, Hickory Project is gaining ground “Linking Old and New in Acoustic Music

Anthony Hannigan mandolin, vocals is the 1999 Walnut Valley Mandolin Champion and has been playing bluegrass music from the age of four. Anthony has been involved with many recording projects and major artists for years. He is accomplished on the banjo, guitar, and fiddle as well as the mandolin and is the inspiration and writer of most of the band’s original music. He is the founder of the Blue Merles, which took first place in the 1997 Winterhawk band competition. Anthony’s influences range from Vassar, Van Halen, Monk, Cavage, Pass, Moorse, Prince, Monroe, Parker, Baker and perhaps even James Brown. Whether it is creating tunes, or performing with the band, Anthony will leave an impression lasting long after the performance is over. Anthony is also one of the founders of Hickory Fest.

David Cavage banjo, vocals resides in Carbondale, Pennsylvania and Okeechobee, Florida. Dave has been a member of many bands, including The Roots of Bluegrass, Appalachian Mountain Boys, and was a co-founder of the Blue Merles. Dave is also an avid pilot and often flies himself to his performances. His banjo style has been called a work of brilliance and his influences include Tony Trischka, Allison Brown, Bela Fleck, Charlie Parker, and Miles Davis. Whether it is soaring in the air, or flying on the neck, Dave is a master by all means. Dave is also one of the main folks at Music Moose.

Steve Belcher acoustic bass Steve’s bass is the foundation for which the Project grows. Steve began his music involvement in the 60’s. His early passion for Bluegrass and Acoustic music developed in 70’s. He is the Founder of PA based Burnt Toast and Tri-founder of the amazing Blue Merles. He also developed a natural gift for promoting events. Having started the Canyon Country Bluegrass Festival and Tri-Founding Hickory Fest, Steve is well connected in the festival circuit. Steve has performed with Tony Rice, Peter Rowan, Vassar, Flying Burrito Brothers and Bill Keith. He is also one of the founding members of Hickory Project.

Coleman Smith fiddle, guitar, mandolin, vocals is from Texas and has been playing his fiddle all of his life. He is one of the top cross over Violinists of all time. Coleman is a member of Doctor Horse Machine, The Money Notes, Lost Ramblers and many others. Coleman also holds a degree in Music from Marywood University and has been teaching fiddle, mandolin and guitar for nearly 10 years. He has traveled throughout the world with his fiddle bringing joy to all that hear him. Coleman has a unique style that fuses Jazz, Swing, Hip-Hop, Celtic and Bluegrass.

Mark Morris Guitar, Vocals is the newest member of HP. He is a native of Colorado and has been involved in many musical projects and recordings over the years. He is also one of the best songwriters on the scene today. His passion for music is only exceeded by his passion for POW (Snow). Mark is also an amazing extreme skier and will jump off anything with his ski’s. Mark’s solid, driving rhythm and fantastic solo’s are sure to please one and all.