Walnut Valley Festival WEATHER INFO Index Page

Since the Walnut Valley Festival is largely an outdoor event, music isn't the only thing that matters --- the weather can also be quite important.

Having posted comprehensive information elsewhere on this site about both the contests and the contracted stage performers, we now begin the second most important aspect of WVF history: the weather at the festival. Pages will be added as they are completed.

NEWSummary of temperature & river flow charts

Festival Week Temperatures and Precipitation

The dates listed below are the actual Festival dates. The charts include the week before the festival, starting with Thursday (Land-Rush Day). This organization may be confusing for non-Winfielders, but will make the information more useful to the regulars:

Data to 1996 supplied by Mary Knapp, State Climatologist, KSU

These summaries are complete only through 1996.

Summaries using Winfield calendar system

Summaries with conventional calendar system

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