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Moe Masters

The serenader
That's Moe Masters. Check out her blog!


The serenadee

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Jeff and Vida The Shiners Rookie Stop The Toms Asher Stillwater Camp Exit 81 Pegleg Oz Tin City Limits River Rat

Latitude: 37.23434°N.
Longitude: 97.01275°W.
September 13, 2002
12:25 PM

About Pegleg …
When I stopped to visit Pegleg, a group of campground neighbors was tending a wound on his good leg. As I explained my project, Moe Masters decided to serenade Pegleg and give me something to record. Moe's a writer, painter and gardener from Wichita, Kansas. Moe was part of the winning band at the first River Rat Band Scramble several years ago. Pegleg camps just north of River Rat and can often be seen stamping out the buttons that are distributed at River Rat Camp.

If you are Pegleg or Moe and have more information to include here, send it to don@shorock.com.

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