pickersparadise.org Each note (icon) on the map below marks a “hot spot” which you can click to see and hear what was happening at that spot during my visit. The alphabetical & chronological listings below the map provide alternate text methods of navigating this site. Before you begin your tour of the campground, please read the author's comments.
Some Assembly Required Texas Camp Out Behind the Barn Camp Chicken Feet Oz Tin City Limits The Krehbiels The Herd Woodchuck Camp Pegleg Biergarten Exit 81 Bob & Phyllis Dunn Camp Hatchetjack Rollin R Farm Chicken Train Camp Pholk Graham Guitar Camp Stillwater Camp Asher The Toms Plague Camp Hartnett Bluegrass Offenders Woody Johnson Piano JJFB Tucker Tribe & others Rookie Stop KANT Behave (Colorado Branch) Carp Camp Refugees Fugarwee Tribe Rogers Family The Shiners Whisky Before Breakfast Jeff and Vida Domino Parlor Road Jam River Rat Stage Five Bat Camp Carroll Gunter Ed Middleton Walnut River String Band (1) Bennett Brothers Crab Camp Bill Erskine Scamp Camp Harpy Camp Grier Swift Fakhoury Kountry Korner Great Plains Dulcimer Alliance Potté Island Pickin' Parlor Red Bandana Pike's Pick Cabin Fever Beano Camp Mixed Nuts Metaphysical Camp Llama Camp Winfield Wipers Carp Camp Parade Chick Pick at Lucy's Carp Camp tuning a harp Froggy Mountain Fiasco Brothers Bill Barwick's camp Rainbow Tent Road Jam West Shane Seyffert

Donna Asher
Bill Barwick's camp
Bat Camp
Beano Camp
Out Behind the Barn
Bennett Brothers
Bluegrass Offenders
Cabin Fever
Carp Camp
Carp Camp Parade
Carp Camp Refugees
Camp Chicken Feet
Chicken Train
Chick Pick at Lucy's
Crab Camp
Domino Parlor
Bob & Phyllis Dunn
Bill Erskine
Exit 81
Fiasco Brothers
Froggy Mountain
Fugarwee Tribe
Great Plains Dulcimer Alliance
Graham Guitar Camp
Grier Swift Fakhoury
Carroll Gunter
Harpy Camp
Camp Hatchetjack
The Herd
Jeff and Vida
KANT Behave (Colorado Branch)
Kountry Korner
The Krehbiels
Llama Camp
Metaphysical Camp
Ed Middleton
Mixed Nuts
Oz Tin City Limits
Camp Pholk
Pike's Pick
Pickin' Parlor
Plague Camp
Potté Island
Red Bandana
River Rat
Road Jam West
Road Jam
Rogers Family
Rollin R Farm
Rookie Stop
Some Assembly Required
Scamp Camp
Shane Seyffert
The Shiners
Stage Five
Stillwater Camp
Texas Camp
The Toms
Tucker Tribe & others
Whisky Before Breakfast
Winfield Wipers
Woodchuck Camp
Woody Johnson
Walnut River String Band at Rainbow Tent
Walnut River String Band
tuning a harp
Chronological (order in which recorded)
4:14 PM 9/12/02Bat Camp
4:20 PM 9/12/02Carroll Gunter
9:44 PM 9/12/02Oz Tin City Limits
10:11 PM 9/12/02The Krehbiels
11:47 PM 9/12/02The Herd
12:15 AM 9/13/02Woodchuck Camp
11:15 AM 9/13/02Shane Seyffert
12:25 PM 9/13/02Pegleg
2:03 PM 9/13/02Middleton
8:59 PM 9/13/02Walnut River String Band
10:42 PM 9/13/02Bennett Brothers
11:00 PM 9/13/02Biergarten
11:27 PM 9/13/02Exit 81
11:49 PM 9/13/02Bob & Phyllis Dunn
11:17 AM 9/14/02Camp Hatchetjack
12:03 PM 9/14/02Crab Camp
4:52 PM 9/14/02Bill Erskine
8:11 PM 9/14/02Scamp Camp
8:49 PM 9/14/02Rollin R Farm
9:11 PM 9/14/02Chicken Train
10:38 PM 9/14/02Some Assembly Required
1:02 AM 9/15/02Harpy Camp
2:19 AM 9/15/02Camp Pholk
9:16 AM 9/15/02Graham Guitar Camp
10:31 AM 9/15/02Grier Swift Fakhoury
12:56 PM 9/15/02Stillwater Camp
1:39 PM 9/15/02Donna Asher
2:05 PM 9/15/02The Toms
3:13 PM 9/15/02Plague Camp
4:13 PM 9/15/02Hartnett
6:04 PM 9/15/02Bluegrass Offenders
7:03 PM 9/15/02Camp Chicken Feet
8:22 PM 9/15/02Kountry Korner
8:41 PM 9/15/02Great Plains Dulcimer Alliance
9:37 PM 9/15/02Potté Island
9:54 PM 9/15/02Pickin' Parlor
10:43 PM 9/15/02Red Bandana
11:19 PM 9/15/02Pike's Pick
12:50 PM 9/16/02Woody Johnson
1:11 PM 9/16/02Piano
1:39 PM 9/16/02JJFB
2:04 PM 9/16/02Tucker Tribe & others
2:57 PM 9/16/02Rookie Stop
3:13 PM 9/16/02KANT Behave (Colorado Branch)
3:32 PM 9/16/02Carp Camp Refugees
4:25 PM 9/16/02Fugarwee Tribe
4:54 PM 9/16/02Rogers Family
6:24 PM 9/16/02The Shiners
6:59 PM 9/16/02Whisky Before Breakfast
7:56 PM 9/16/02Jeff and Vida
8:27 PM 9/16/02Texas Camp
9:06 PM 9/16/02Out Behind the Barn
9:41 PM 9/16/02Cabin Fever
10:45 PM 9/16/02Beano Camp
11:15 PM 9/16/02Mixed Nuts
12:52 AM 9/17/02Domino Parlor
1:05 AM 9/17/02Road Jam
1:55 AM 9/17/02Metaphysical Camp
8:00 PM 9/17/02Llama Camp
1:04 AM 9/18/02Winfield Wipers
1:00 PM 9/18/02Carp Camp Parade
1:53 PM 9/18/02River Rat
11:08 AM 9/19/02Chick Pick at Lucy's
4:25 PM 9/19/02Stage Five
2:18 AM 9/20/02Carp Camp
10:19 AM 9/20/02tuning a harp
2:44 PM 9/20/02Froggy Mountain
3:07 PM 9/20/02Fiasco Brothers
1:53 AM 9/21/02Bill Barwick's camp
2:35 AM 9/21/02Rainbow Tent
2:57 AM 9/21/02Road Jam West

The need for this project
While the Walnut Valley Festival has great stage shows and great contests, the same could be said of other festivals. Those who attend many festivals insist what makes Winfield different is the campground jamming. This is, to my knowledge, the first attempt to document that fact. It also provides an answer for those of us who are often asked, “Why would you go to a festival a week (or more) before the stages open?” Most of the visits on this site occurred before the stages opened.

The crescendo
At almost every stop, those jamming would say “You should come back on (insert day here) when (insert name here) gets here.” It is true that the jamming generally gets better as more players arrive. However, it is also impossible to be at all jams on the final Friday & Saturday night, esp. when that generally means missing four great performances on the main stages at the same time. Thus, what you hear on this site is just what was happening at the time of the visit… generally during the days between Land Rush and the opening of the stages.

Bandwidth & costs
The people making the music you hear on this site were doing it for the fun of it. Likewise, building this site has been fun for me, so it's offered on a non-commercial basis. To hear the sound samples, you need to download and install RealPlayer. You can then listen to the low or high bandwidth RealPlayer version. If you have a slow internet connection, you'll have to use the low bandwidth version. If you have a high-speed connection, but can't hear the difference, we'd appreciate it if you'd listen to the low bandwidth version. We're also providing an mp3 version. These are very large files, so please download them once, save them and then listen to your saved version to save us the bandwidth. My son, Tom Shorock, has generously donated this web space, but he is charged according to the bandwidth sent from the server. If you make extensive use of this site, I'd appreciate it if you'd send him a donation to help defray his expenses. If you have an account with PayPal, you can send his donation to thomas@shorock.com. If you don't want to use PayPal, e-mail me and I'll send you his current snail-mail address.

Your input
While every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of locations and the identification of photos and sounds, mistakes are bound to have occurred. If you spot any, please write to Don Shorock. Likewise, if you have any information to add (identifications of people, camp histories, etc.) about any of the stops on the tour, don't hesitate to volunteer that information. If yours is one of the camps not included in the tour, no offense is intended. I just didn't happen to hear any live music when I was in your part of the campground.

Your tour guide,
Don Shorock