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Bob & Phyllis Dunne

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Bob & Phyllis Dunne

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Latitude: 37.23416°N.
Longitude: 97.00869°W.
September 13, 2002
11:49 PM

Cassette label from SIMPLY DUNNE

CD cover from Joyously Dunne

About Bob & Phyllis Dunn …
Bob & Phyllis Dunne are career musicians from the Omaha area. Phyllis has performed on stage at Winfield in the past and also has participated in some of the workshops. The unusual combination of mountain dulcimer and didgeridoo sounds weird, but it does work as you can hear in the sound sample. It had started raining lightly when I arrived at this stop, but none of my equipment likes to be wet, giving me the pleasurable opportunity of spending longer than usual at this stop on the campground tour. As I left, I was generously offered a couple of their recordings. The covers are shown at the left.

If you are a part of Bob & Phyllis Dunn and have more information to include here, send it to don@shorock.com.

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